You could be forgiven for thinking this Russian bombshell just stepped off the catwalk in Milan, but truth is, not only is Violetta Sekler the loving mother of two beautiful children and wife to a billionaire property tycoon, she’s a highly successful former strategic financial analyst and Vice President of one of the world’s largest investment groups.

Thanks to the generosity of two donors who have made up the balance of a $432,000 fundraising campaign to bring new gastroenterology services to the region, hundreds of patients will be treated at home in Cairns.

VIOLETTA SEKLER IT’S TIME TO NOURISH YOUI’d like to talk to you about coronavirus. This virus has caused serious adjustments to our life, forced us to change all of our plans and intentions and in that has created a great sense of upheaval for many.

Recent times have been filled with many storms and a hell of a lot of change. Change that many of us have not wanted, so it has brought about a lot of anxiety for people on many levels and for differing reasons. But not all storms come to disrupt our lives, some come to clear our paths.

some tips to boost your mood: 1. Smile. When you smile it triggers mood-boosting hormones in the brain 2. Keep busy 3. Talk to someone 4. Help others 5. Live in the moment 6. Take a nice warm bath 7. Walk on the beach 8. Go out with a friend 9. Spend quality time with pets and family 10. Volunteer in shelters and other places that need support. You will find it a great reminder that some people are far worse off than you. 11. Listen to your favourite music

Times of adversity can be our most transformative moments in life. Just like a butterfly emerges from a cocoon into a beautiful new state of being, so too do humans once they’ve pushed through the struggles and barriers that adversity puts in front of them. I know many of you are going through varying tough times in your life at present, they might not be financial, they may be with your family or relationships, or they could be with yourself. One thing that the past 16 months has t