Violetta Sekler
Violetta Sekler
Happiness and Empowerment coach Relationship and Break up Expert Motivational speaker
Violetta Sekler
Violetta Sekler
Happiness and Empowerment coach Relationship and Break up Expert Motivational speaker

Are you at a turning point in your relationship?

Maybe even dealing with a breakup, separation or divorce?

This personal and painful process is one that many of us go through at some time in our lives and for some, it feels like a never-ending cycle.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there, at both ends of relationship issues and separation. And I’ve learned from it, and grown.

As a life coach I have worked with many men and women who have made the best out their relationship challenges or breakdowns and begun a new, positive life.

Life coaching will help you to see your situation from a new perspective. I will guide you to release negative emotions and you will be inspired and encouraged at what you can learn from my step-by-step blueprint. My proven processes will enable you to let go of the pain from your past relationships and feel rejuvenated and excited about the future.

Shift your difficult experience into an empowering life and relationship transformation.

Let me take you from here...
  • At a turning point in your relationship
  • Dealing with relationship challenges or separation
  • Feeling hurt, saddened and hopeless
  • Losing your self-esteem and confidence
  • Struggling to believe in yourself and the future
  • Questioning and blaming yourself
  • Wondering whether you’ll ever feel normal again
  • Wanting to stop fixating on the negatives in your relationship
  • Fear of being alone
  • Needing support that’s different from what your friends and family can provide
  • Sick of trying everything to get over your situation, with nothing working
  • Doubting that you can fall in love again
To here...
  • Feel guided and supported
  • Transition from simply getting through each day in `survival mode` to welcoming new horizons and enjoy every minute of your life
  • Understand how worthy you are and build confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop a new, strong, positive self-identity
  • Start to see the benefits and opportunities of your current situation
  • Learn how to focus on what your relationship gave you rather than what it took from you
  • Feel comfortable putting you and your needs first
  • Start to know who you are and enjoy time with yourself
  • Feel ready and confident to meet a new love


“Violetta, I just want to say a big Thank You!! You have been so professional and extremely supportive. You helped to save my relationship, after I thought it was impossible. We are very happy together now and you helped to rebuild my self-esteem. I have realised WHO I ACTUALLY AM, and I have finally stopped living behind a mask. I now feel free and in charge of my life.”
— Ashley K.
“It was one of the best decisions I have made to work with Violetta. It has changed the way I accept myself. I have gained so much confidence, and begun to love and value myself. All my life I didn’t appreciate the very important, yet simple things. I am very grateful to Violetta for changing my attitude, which has changed my personal life for the better.
Violetta is extremely empathic and trustworthy. She guided me through the hardest time in my life and helped me to not just come out of this pain, but to move forward with feelings of power and achievement. I highly recommend Violetta as a life coach. Thank you.”
— Laetitia.
“I highly recommend Violetta as a breakup coach. I was so broken-hearted when I started sessions with Violetta, I could hardly believe anything could help me. It felt like my life was over when my boyfriend of 5 years left me. Violetta did an unreal job. She lifted me out of depression and I actually began living again, with a different perspective on myself and my life. I stopped grieving about my ex and believed in myself again.
Violetta is a fantastic coach and a great person. She really cares about her clients and devotes herself 100 percent to them. Her incredible energy and professional skills have turned my life around for the best.”
— Anna M.
“Violetta has a real gift as a coach. Her coaching approach is so natural. I was very sceptical before I started working with a coach and have tried many ways to improve my life, but this was the best investment in myself. Violetta is very passionate and empathic. Her support meant so much to me.
From being depressed and not knowing where to go, from not understanding what I really wanted in life, from a toxic relationship, I have turned into a calm and confident woman who knows what she wants and sees the pathways to getting it. It is amazing what I have achieved as a result.”
— L.L.
“Violetta is a life changer. I’m amazed at how sharply she sees things and, at the same time, how multifaceted her methods of support are. She has had a major impact on me. She is extremely loyal and devoted to what she is doing.”
— Mark
“This is a testimonial for Violetta Sekler, Life Coach whom I worked with recently. We covered a number of issues, from health/weight concerns to financial problems.
I found Violetta to be most attentive and a great listener. She is very approachable and has a lovely energy about her which I found comforting, especially when talking about sometimes sensitive problems.
In talking through these issues we formulated a working plan with which to work towards achieving the goals that we set out in our consultations.
I would highly recommend Violetta to anyone who wishes to work on any area of their life that is causing conflict or indecision. I certainly found our time together both constructive and enabling to reaching set goals.”
— Daniil M.